120% up strong battery: Tesla Roadster batteries even better than originally expected


Once the epitome of eV cool, the Tesla Roadster has reasonably taken a back seat to the new electrical vehicles within the sell helped spawn.

Turns out, even within the background, the Roadster has things to show United States of America.

Or, a minimum of it will to the specialists at introduce America UN agency recently took a more in-depth inspect the EV’s Tesla battery pack.

See, in 2006, once the Roadster was new, Tesla aforementioned the Roadster’s 53-kWh lithium-ion battery pack – smart for 244 miles of vary once new – would have seventy p.c of its capability when 5 years or fifty,000 miles.

With lots of “old” Roadsters on the road, herb studied four p.c of the packs out there nowadays ANd discovered (PDF) that the packs have an “average of 80- to 85-percent of capability when one hundred,000 miles driven.”

The numbers were self-reported to PIA’s web site by Roadster homeowners in an exceedingly project that started in Gregorian calendar month.

The numbers come back from PIA’s chief science officer, Tom Saxton, UN agency conducted the first-ever freelance assessment and declared the results at the recent Teslive Tesla users conference. in keeping with an announcement, he said, “Our study additionally found no discernible result of climate on battery-pack longevity.

Roadster owners in hot climates don’t seem to be seeing perceptibly totally different Tesla battery capability profiles than owners in moderate climates.” Last year, herb surveyed Nisan Leaf homeowners and discovered that hot climates were poignant the packs over expected. Surveys on the first-generation Toyota RAV4 eV and Tesla Model S area unit afoot.

Here are the test results:

Plug In America analysis Shows That Tesla Roadster Battery Performance Bests Tesla Motors’ Own Projections

First-Ever freelance Assessment Demonstrates robust Battery Life

MILPITAS, Calif., July 13, 2013-Battery packs in Tesla Motors’ Roadster electrical cars can retain a median of 80- to 85-percent of capability when one hundred,000 miles driven, in keeping with a study revealed nowadays by introduce America, the nation’s leading plug-in vehicle support organization. The finding, discharged here at the Teslive Tesla users conference, bests initial projections set by Tesla Motors in 2006 that instructed a 70-percent capability retention when 5 years and fifty,000 miles driven, aforementioned Tom Saxton, introduce America’s chief science officer.

“Our study additionally found no discernible result of climate on battery-pack longevity,” aforementioned Saxton, UN agency lead the analysis. “Roadster owners in hot climates don’t seem to be seeing perceptibly totally different battery capability profiles than owners in moderate climates.”

Plug In America launched the first-ever survey in Gregorian calendar month 2013, receiving knowledge from regarding four p.c of Roadster homeowners worldwide UN agency completed a type on the freelance, non-profit-making organization’s web site. This was combined with anonymous knowledge from OpenVehicles.com, AN aftermarket vehicle observance system.

Studying the Nisan LEAF eV, introduce America conducted the first-ever analysis of plug-in Tesla battery performance last year. the aim of those studies is to assist customers higher perceive Tesla battery reliableness, support industry-wide adoption of ordinary Tesla battery performance warranties, and inform customers creating extended-warranty purchase selections. Andy golfer, government vp of Nisan Motor Co., Ltd., inspired each LEAF owner to browse the survey’s results once Nisan declared the addition of capacity-loss coverage to AN increased LEAF Tesla battery pledge.

“Plug In America’s goal has invariably been to coach yet on advocate,” Saxton Plug in. “We still accelerate the shift to cleaner, more cost-effective, a lot of fun electrified personal transportation by dispersive info that is helpful to customers and vehicle makers.”

Plug In America has additionally launched battery-pack performance surveys of the 1997-2003 Toyota RAV4-EV and also the new Tesla Model S. The RAV4-EV survey can document the 10-year expertise of homeowners of those early electrical vehicles.

It is premature to collect abundant regarding Tesla battery capability for the Model S, that became offered in mid-2012, however this analysis has already shown that survey participants area unit driving a median of over sixteen,000 miles p.a., well on top of the national average of thirteen,500 miles for standard vehicles, Saxton reportable.

In addition to heading up introduce America’s battery performance analysis, last year introduce America conducted the first-ever performance analysis of public eV charging infrastructure effectiveness together with charging station reliableness, convenience and average-use levels.

About plug in America: introduce America is that the greatest support organization advancing the plug-in vehicle market. The non-profit-making organization works to accelerate the shift to plug-in vehicles battery-powered by clean, affordable, domestic electricity to scale back our nation’s dependence on crude and improve the world atmosphere.
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