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Electric cars are one of the latest innovations in the automobile industry and the possible solution for global warming and pollution from gasoline-powered cars produced. Since their release, they have instantly become popular among car users. Unfortunately, because of some controversies about its release, this possible solution is meeting greater challenges because of some political and monetary issues internationally.

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Electric Cars

Electric cars are vehicles run by electric motor that is powered by rechargeable batteries. Their casing and interior designs look the same with the conventional car but when you drive them, they are almost quiet because instead of a gasoline engine which is complicated, they use simple electric wiring.

2013 Electric Cars users can save a lot of money from using gasoline and can minimize pollution. Charging the battery can be easily done at home by plugging it to the socket for 4-8 hours.

The limitations of these cars are: they have a limited range of 100-200 miles contrary to gasoline cars, which can go as far as 300 miles. Another limitation is their large batteries. The price of these batteries are somewhat expensive and need to be changed once or more than twice a year, depending on its use. Aside from that, it is bulky, heavy and takes a lot of space.


Despite the controversies that electric cars in the industry are facing, Tesla Motors Inc. are still manufacturing and selling these cars to the market. This is a public-owned company and gained a reputation after selling their first fully electric sports car, Tesla Roadster and followed by their fully electric sedan, Model S. The company is fighting giant oil companies and other political figures since they are prohibiting them from selling it to the public.

Who Killed the Electric Car?

Who Killed the Electric Car is good documentary film that you should watch or buy. It is about electric cars and the transportation of the world in the future. It also exposed why top oil companies and their political protectors would not want you to buy these cars.

Who Killed the Electric Car shows in a very informative and entertaining way the negative effect of gasoline cars in the environment such as g global warming and pollution. It also explores the development of electric cars and its failure to come out in the world market, ten years after its development in 1996. This documentary is written and directed by Chris Paine, and garnered nominations among award winning bodies since its release in 2006.

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No matter what controversies of electric cars are facing today, no one can stop the manufacturing and selling of these cars since they can save you money and it is a good way to keep the environment free from pollution. No giant oil companies can either stop people from having it as there are companies that are manufacturing these electric cars such as Tesla Motors. If you want to know more about the future of the world’s transportation, you can watch Who Killed the Electric Car, which is a great documentary.

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