BMW i: towards becoming electric car company’s bold gamble

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BMW is not a traditional electric car company, but now they have a new ambition to become the world’s largest electric car company.


The brand new the Bavarian manufacturer is launched at a time that is not necessarily the most appropriate, start the plug in electric vehicles is much slower than expected. But for BMW, who invested at least € 2 billion in electromobility, this passage was required. And efforts in terms of lightweight construction and the electrical components industry will benefit as other vehicles in the range, hybrid and thermal.

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As I explained Manuel Sattig, the project BMW i, in addition to the presentation of the i3 in London, the overall approach to sustainable development was initiated early. The new brand has invested to provide the most environmentally friendly vehicle possible, from design to recycling, and integrating renewable energy. BMW ia able to develop as a full-fledged plug in electric vehicles business with a design of its own, but relying on the resources and expertise of house engineers.


Thus, the brand has been soliciting the expertise of engine for electric drivetrain. But it could also capitalize on the sector development around the PFRC (reinforced by carbon fiber plastic) which together with the i3 is used systematically and on a large scale as it was confined to ultrasportifs or high-end models. Production in larger series of PFRC will help lower prices and make the material more affordable for other vehicles of the BMW range, which can thus be used for relief and reduction of CO2 emissions.

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Regarding expertise in batteries and electrical components, knowledge of the hybrid has to go faster. Conversely, the know-how BMW i rebound at the electrification of the classic range. We see the process is virtuous.

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At this stage, BMW i will not book predictions for the market, even if the mark to think more volumes in California for example. His luck is to have a global presence and a positive image. Development depends on the electric charging infrastructure and the range extender is to overcome this lack. Efforts by others, like Bolloré Autolib ‘or manufacturers such as Renault and Nissan, for example, will benefit everyone, including BMW. But in this case, I have the feeling of attending a modern version of La Fontaine’s fable, the hare and the tortoise. The Bavarian brand took its time to advance his pawns and implement a comprehensive strategy. It was useless to be the first.

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Anyway, the second vehicle is on the launch pad. The i8, which is the plug-in hybrid model, released in mid 2014. We learned in London that the final model will be even more beautiful than the concept and performance of the engine (a 1.5 L three-cylinder twin-turbo), as its emissions also will be amazing. And for the rest? It will depend on opportunities and welcome to the first two models.
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