Buy Tesla Stocks? Why Invest Tesla Stocks of six kinds of reasons ?

Tesla Stocks

Tesla Roadster electric car has just won the Best 2013 award . Tesla car for us humans opens up a clean and environmentally friendly new energy field . Tesla Motors is one the finest production electric car company.


Can I invest in Tesla Stocks? Tesla stock price value now how much ?


Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA)

TSLA stocks

Company Website:
By day (2013/09/25) stock performance ticker. Price has broken MA (20), MA (50) average.
Small drawback: a little less volume
Share price rising trend: It is recommended to buy.
►Buy Price: price to buy ($ 183.33)
►Protection Price: $ 169.49



Tesla Motors, Inc. (Tesla) designs, develops, manufactures and sells electric vehicles and advanced electric vehicle powertrain components. Tesla owns its sales and service network.

The Company is engaged in commercially producing a federally-compliant electric vehicle, the Tesla Roadster. Addition to developing its Model S and future vehicle manufacturing capabilities at the Tesla Factory, the Company is designing, developing and manufacturing lithium-ion battery packs, electric motors , gearboxes and components both for its vehicles and for its original equipment manufacturer customers. These activities occur at its electric powertrain manufacturing facility in Palo Alto, California and at the Tesla Factory.

The Company provides services for the development of electric powertrain components and sells electric powertrain components to other automotive manufacturers.


Tesla News:
U.S. electric car maker Tesla Tesla actively upgrade charging stations, improving power output , and is expected to launch unmanned electric vehicles within three years , driven by the recent Tesla stock price to new highs.

Legal persons that , Tesla Electronics and Communication for the successful integration of industry cases , after the company’s operating profits innovative ideas constantly working positive outlook will help Taiwan factory supply chain and energy -related stocks long-term performance .

Frank fund manager pointed out that the relevant energy-saving technology Tesla has also been licensed to BMW, Toyota and Peugeot , and then inject technology license revenue performance in Europe, China economy healthy recovery , driven back to temperature under automobile , Tesla long-term operations remain potential.


Before investing in Tesla Stocks , however , you need to look at the following tesla stock price of six advantages . ( Below )

01.Tesla Motors is the founder Elon Musk.He founded SpaceX, Tesla Motors and co-founded PayPal.

02.Tesla Motors Inc constantly re-innovation , continuous pile of electric vehicles new products.

03.Tesla electric car’s battery is a modular , multi- cell battery combination. Very innovative !

04.Tesla Roadster fully charged electric car can travel 265 miles .

05.Tesla electric car ‘s center of gravity low, smooth ride in the snow .

06.17 -inch screen will be able to manipulate the entire car interior equipment . Model S less general the various buttons on the center console . Instead, an upright 17-inch multi- touch screen huge .

Read the above six advantages there any reason not to invest in Tesla Stocks it ? ( Laughs )
Tesla Stocks Investment Note:

Tesla Stocks must have investment risk, tesla stock price investments have earned a compensation, should read the prospectus before purchase or investment information. The complete contents of this website as accurate as possible, but does not guarantee correct.

ps.If as investment by According to risk your own discretion, without compensation responsibility of this website. This information is just for your reference. Good Luck!


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