What is the best electric car company?

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Shocker: an electric car company actually meets the objectives of production (and yes, it’s Tesla electric car company)


New pioneering electric car company Tesla Motors is the lone off peers electric car that says he will do something and then actually (usually) there. According to Automotive News, Tesla car company has now reached its goal of producing 400 Model S electric cars per week, or about 20,000 cars per year.

This production rate was Tesla car company’s goal for months, even years, and this is a big step on the path to the company’s profitability this year path. In November, during its last quarterly earnings, Tesla electric car company explain it was on track to reach this stage after its initial goals to reduce production a few months earlier in September. This also means that all clients on the waiting list to get their cars model S – there were 13,200 in the third quarter – get their cars sooner rather than later.


However, as I wrote before, Tesla electric car company seems to be the exception rather than the rule in the world who are independent automakers and electric batteries for electric cars.


Machine infrastructure Better Place electric cars mixed on its second CEO in as many months last week and laid off most of the staff facing the slow adoption of its service electric cars in Israel.


Start the electric car has not one of its electric cars Fisker Karma hybrid in the month and is looking for a Chinese partner, investor or buyer with deep pockets to offer a life Rescue. Objective original production of Fisker in his early life was Karmas 5000 in 2011, and it is about 1900. A123 Systems, which makes batteries for Fisker Karma, went bankrupt last year and then was acquired by automotive tech giant Wanxiang Chinese.


So why is it so difficult for independent electric car companies meet their objectives and major manufacturers of hitting sales targets? For auto giants, the market is just beginning. GM Volt and the Nissan LEAF is the first car battery plug-in products on the mass market in the U.S. auto exec Bob Lutz, who boosted GM Volt and is now on the Board of Directors of several startups, said the move to Electric cars will be very slow.


For independent car startups, commercial scale production can be daunting and take much longer than expected, too. Many things can go wrong, and it can take months to streamline the process of automatic production. Tesla electric car company was founded in 2003 and its pilot car back – where he made mistakes and suffered delays – was the original Roadster. It took that long Tesla car company get closer to the machine status auto consumer just push the 400 cars per week.


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