You find cheap plug-in electric vehicles do ? Nissan LEAF is the best choice!

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Nissan LEAF is available throughout the Nissan network to France from April 1

No this is not an April Fool ! The automaker Nissan has confirmed the sale of its small plug-in electric vehicles, the Nissan LEAF, throughout its dealer network in French from 1 April 2012.

Users praise: Nissan LEAF is the best I’ve ever had to open the plug-in electric vehicles!

25,000 orders worldwide

Nissan LEAF all-plug-in electric vehicles produced by the Japanese automaker , will be marketed throughout the entire network of representatives of the brand in France from April 1, 2012. Previously, small power was proposed by 14 authorized dealers Nissan . The Japanese company party at that time 25,000 Nissan LEAF sold worldwide .

With the improvements made by the manufacturer ‘s model , the Japanese firm would quickly fill its backlog by the end of the year. The Nissan LEAF is now equipped with leather seats, the cabin was darkened while the heating system has been revised .

Nissan LEAF : World Car of the Year 2011

The Nissan LEAF is one of the first prototypes of new generation plug-in electric vehicles made ​​by an automaker in the world. This vehicle , named World Car of the year 2011, has a 100% electric motor of 109 hp. The plug-in electric vehicle’s battery of the Nissan LEAF allows him to cover a distance of 175 km . With a maximum speed of 145 km / h , it will lend itself to any type of route and fit a large number of motorists.

The LEAF e- NV200 Concept

The EVER Monaco 2012 show , which took place from 22 to 25 March 2012 allowed the general public to try the Nissan LEAF . The latter is present for the fourth time at important meetings on the international scene . The event was also an opportunity for the Japanese automaker to introduce the sports version of the Nissan LEAF, the LEAF Nismo RC . This racing car , fully electric, has been tried by the Prince Albert II of Monaco in Monaco Luxury Eco Tour on March 22 . Nissan has also revealed the e- NV200 Concept , the second model of electric car belonging to the category of utilities. This is expected on the market in 2013.

Chris Emerson – One Year Driving the Nissan Leaf

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