Fritz NOLS made ​​a proposal to buy the U.S. Fisker

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The U.S. plug in electric vehicles manufacturer Fisker is currently in a difficult financial situation that , after the serious problems which he has suffered .

Among the many offers to purchase numbers is the German company Fritz NOLS seems to be the most relevant : $ 25 million .

Bad luck seems to have hit the company Fisker in recent months. The supplier of the batteries powering his plug in electric vehicles models , A123 Systems, has declared bankruptcy after protracted .

Then this is the Sandy storm that resulted in the destruction of 300 vehicles Fisker Karma brand , while the latter did not have any kind of insurance coverage . After the dismissal of three quarters of its employees, the manufacturer Fisker has every reason to think that all this is due to … bad karma .

A major impact on the financial

All these difficulties were not without consequence : the impact in financial terms are also more severe . The Fisker loan from the U.S. Department of Energy has not been repaid. Today, the manufacturer owes $ 173 million to the U.S. government. In addition , production could take place according to the forecasts of the firm. Karma ‘s unique model has also seen its last copy made it more than a year.

Redemption proposals Fritz NOLS hits hard

Since then, the automaker has received a great number of takeover bids . One can identify , for example, that from China , as well as the former number one General Motors , Bob Lutz. The latest takeover proposal was that of Fritz NOLS , the German company . The CEO of this company , Ingo Voigt, has already announced that if the transaction goes through, 2500 Karmas per year would be provided to the production, and that the brand would resume production of Sunset and Surf models .
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