GPS improved on the Nissan Leaf Phase 2

Nissan Leaf GPS

I tested the new Nissan Leaf, which Phase 2 will be available in June. Among the many improvements (one hundred in total), onboard navigation is concerned, since the system automatically calculates the path less energy, taking into account the slopes of the different possible routes.

The GPS also includes a help off Highways with full guide channel by channel. Also, it displays speed limits in force and allows the driver to add a visual and audible warning when the car reaches and / or exceeds the limit.

Also new CARWINGS system also integrates technology Google Send-To-Car to plan a trip from home or office (on a computer or tablet) and send it to his car. Thus, there is no need to enter the destination while driving.

In addition, it also includes other advanced features such as access to points of interest Google features, the latest weather forecast information from airlines on flights, etc …

Last point: Touch Screen Nissan Leaf can now display cover albums listened.

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