Jordy Nelson was initially diagnosed as a torn cruciate ligament

How early I did not find this an unprecedented amazing Jordy Nelson injury, it really made me stand it anymore … I feel very sad.

Jordy Nelson injury

Green Bay Packers lost one of their most valuable players. In the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers opening the first wave of attack, wide receiver Jordy – Nelson (Jordy Nelson) injury leave.

According to the NFL’s official website reporter Ian – Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to people familiar with news reports, a preliminary diagnosis of the team’s top wide receiver for the front knee cruciate ligament tear. The team is awaiting the results of an MRI to confirm the diagnosis.

Nelson is in the last season the Packers get the ball in the history of the first double-digit 1500 yards and touchdowns (13) players. In the past two seasons, the number of his catch (183) ranked fifth in the league, catch yardage (2,833 yards) ranks third in the league, catch touchdowns (21) tied for fifth in the league.

Today, the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Green Bay Packers during the first quarter of the race to the middle, the Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson injured star exit, now tentatively diagnosed as a torn ACL. Next, we need to wait for MRI results to determine the severity of the injury. This is undoubtedly a huge Packers offensive against the group.


(2014, NFL) NFL wild card battle preview (Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers)
Jordy Nelson
Photo players (from left to right, from bottom to the next, ★ elected representatives Star Game this year):

Cowboys: Tony Romo (quarterback ★), Dez Bryant (catcher ★), DeMarco Murray (running back ★), Tyson Smith (offensive left stumbling front ★), Jason Witten (winger), Terrance Williams (catcher)

Packers: Julius Peppers (defensive end), Clay Matthews (outside linebacker ★), Aaron Rodgers (quarterback ★), Jordy Nelson (catcher ★), Eddie Lacy (running back), Randall Cobb (catcher)

Saturday, Jan. 11

Dallas Cowboys (12 wins and 4 losses, 1 win playoffs) at Green Bay Packers (12-4), 1: 05 pm US Eastern Time, Lambeau Field, Wisconsin

Last Cowboys and Packers meet in the playoffs, things are already 1967, when the two teams fight fierce become one of the classic game, also known as Ice Bowl (though not the Super Bowl), because it was in the depth of Lambeau Field vs. Packers with a goal difference of 17:21 beat Cowboys, Jin second Super Bowl, after the big score win over the Oakland Raiders, won the championship. When the Cowboys and Packers in extremely bad weather in the game, and both of you come to me brilliant degree, plus dramatic reversal, so let that game NFL history to become one of the most classic match, but also a guest this year, Cowboys Lambeau Field in bad weather and the Packers showdown day weather forecast is below 15 degrees Fahrenheit (-9 Celsius), it may be snow.

This year’s Cowboys and Packers regular season record is quite special, the Packers won at home 8-0, the Cowboys scored eight straight on the road, this is the first time two such record which team NFL playoff matchup appears ʱ?? The recent 8-game winning streak at home in the team, including the 2014 Packers, 2014 Mustang, 2013 Bengal tiger, 2013 Patriots, 2013 Saints, 2012 Seahawks, but before reaching the record the team more, in other words straight is easier at home, while on the road can be straight team in NFL history, only six teams, keeping straight on the road is a very difficult thing, if a team can road winning streak in the season, to represent them in this season’s combat power is undoubtedly strong, and that six teams, cowboy deduction this year, five teams have won the Federation championship, and won the last four Super Cup. (1934, 1942 Chicago Bears, 1972 Miami Dolphins, the 1989 San Francisco 49ers, the 2007 New England Patriots)

And back to the season itself, the amount of the Packers scored the first league, passing and rushing each of the eighth and eleventh, and to Aaron Rodgers as the protagonist of the offensive group is a lot more of the ball as the main offensive Although they got eleventh in rushing, but a large part is because the Packers passing grades in terms of, let rivals must pass the dike and let the rushing is more likely to succeed. The cowboy aspect, this season’s Cowboys offensive group also made a substantial adjustment, DeMarco Murray is the best performance this season, running back, Cowboys offensive linemen is one of the league’s most powerful team this year (three of the five people selected star), the Cowboys in scoring score ranks second in the league behind the Packers, though passing scores sixteenth, rushing to get a second attack, but they did in the last game with a strong rushing Detroit and linemen performance reverse the game in the National League this season away from home is the most difficult to resist the team.

The game snowy weather state, in fact, is not favorable for passing air drier, snow on the ground for a catcher is a big obstacle, it is difficult under normal temperatures like smooth and speed to run pass routes , more difficult to carry out long-distance pass, in fact, the key to victory is the front line of open and rushing forward, this point of rushing defense ranks second in the league thirteen Packers is a big negative, and cowboy Although the pass defense is the weakest part of the team (twenty-six), but they are rushing defense in the league to get the eighth, to a certain extent cowboy advantages, but the young running back Eddie Lacy Packers Last year also won the National League best offensive rookie award, this year the state and the results are very good, can not be underestimated.

There may well be a race is close, fierce fighting brilliant, if broadcast, not to be missed!

Green Bay Packers on Saturday announced the extension of the team’s top WR Jordy Nelson of the contract, the new four-year contract worth 39 million, to protect part of 14.2 million, 11.5 million signing bonus, the contract details to be continue to be updated. Nelson before the media have reported at least want to get 10 million a year, the final year of the new contract on average 9.76 million, should be relatively close to his request. The new season is the last year of the original contract, plus a four-year contract, the equivalent of 42.5 million for five years.

While last season’s top star quarterback Aaron Rodgers missed almost half the season because of injury, during which three also replaced starting quarterback, but Nelson still scored a career-high 85 catches for 1,314 yards.

July 29 update, the contract:

Cash value: $ 14.25 million
Salary-cap charge: $ 5.925 million
Signing bonus: $ 11.5 million
Base salary: $ 2 million
Roster bonus: Up to $ 500,000 ($ 31,250 per game active)
Workout bonus: $ 250,000

Cash value: $ 2.3 million
Salary-cap charge: $ 4.6 million
Base salary: $ 1.3 million
Roster bonus: Up to $ 500,000 ($ 31,250 per game active)
Workout bonus: $ 500,000

Cash value: $ 6.5 million
Salary-cap charge: $ 8.8 million
Base salary: $ 5.5 million
Roster bonus: Up to $ 500,000 ($ 31,250 per game active)
Workout bonus: $ 500,000

Cash value: $ 9.25 million
Salary-cap charge: $ 11.55 million
Base salary: $ 8.25 million
Roster bonus: Up to $ 500,000 ($ 31,250 per game active)
Workout bonus: $ 500,000

Cash value: $ 10.25 million
Salary-cap charge: $ 12.55 million
Base salary: $ 9.25 million
Roster bonus: Up to $ 500,000 ($ 31,250 per game active)
Workout bonus: $ 500,000


For 29-year-old Nelson, this is basically the first of his career is the last big contract. The average annual salary of row had about 4.2 million a year in the league WR of 34 or so, regarded as one of the most affordable contract. The new contract nearly ten million a year on average, as long as Nelson continued good performance, can be considered value for money. As the team‘s second-round pick in 2008, I hope he finish the job in the team.
Then we continue to get Cobb‘s contract now!, the official website of the Green Bay Packers

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