Mdi say: Tata nano,Water car,Air car will replace the Tesla roadster! (Is this possible?)

Tata nano vs Tesla roadster

Do you believe that Tesla roadster to be Tata nano, Water car, Air car to replace it?

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Tata nano

Tata plans to export its Nano , the cheapest car in the world, the old continent in 2015. The small Indian vehicle must get at in terms of look , comfort and security especially to meet European standards.

The Nano is about to conquer the West. The small car from Tata ‘s ambition to put his Lilliputian wheels on European soil in 2015 .

Born in 2009, the Nano has received a new version last November with a rising power under the hood. It boasts 38 horsepower and 51 Nm of torque for a top speed of 105 km / h , average fuel consumption of 3.94 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 92.7 g / km .

In its current state , the Indian car is not able to call on the old continent. Tata will focus on comfort care , reviewing his appearance and especially to make it safer . Suddenly, the Nano is likely to lose its status as the cheapest car in the world.

In view of the safety standards in force in Europe , the Nano will be offered at a higher price in India . The chairman of Tata mentioned a price of less than $ 10,000 , or 7,700 euros .

” The Smart and the Fiat 500 have call price high enough , but people buy them because they are small cars ,” said Ratan Tata . ” We’ll start with a fixed price below $ 10,000 .” Tata has three years to succeed his bet to travel its small Nano to Europe.


Tata nano features:

He promised to Ratan Tata Tata Nano will meet all current safety standards and all emission criteria , pollution is less than two wheels. The car is smaller than 800 mennani currently available in India , but the manufacturers claim that the Tata Nano will be volume 21 percent more space inside the 800.Le prices dealer the car is offered at a lakh rupees ( $ 2,500 ) without value added tax and shipping charges.

The dashboard of the car just a speedometer, fuel gauge and oil light without a reclining seat or radio , and he based dampers. The Tata Nano has a 30 liter tank and a manual four-speed gear. There would be three versions of the Tata Nano and is air conditioned without power steering . It would take a front drum brakes and disc rear . The mileage is assumed to be 23 kilometers per liter , says the company.

Tata Nano is designed with the family in mind with a capacity of four people and has a spacious interior with plenty of leg and headroom . The input and output are facilitated with four doors with high seating . Tata Nano has enough floor space with the length of 3.1 meters , width of 1.5 meters and a height of 1.6 meters . It is designed so that it can effortlessly maneuver on busy roads in cities and rural areas.

Because of the lightweight construction strategy , the weight has been reduced to a minimum resulting in maximum performance by unit of energy , which gives a high energy efficiency. System for electronic engine control the designed performance of the car .

Security Tata Nano is above par and exceeds current regulatory requirements. Because the body of the car is all metal , it has a strong passenger compartment with safety equipment such as crumple zones , intrusion doors , seat belts , strong seats and anchorages , and the rear door glass tail close to the body . Security is enhanced by tubeless tires.

Exhaust Tata Nano performance provides a level of pollution below a two-wheeler . The high fuel efficiency also ensures that the car has a low carbon -di- oxide levels and thus gives the twin advantages of affordable transportation and low pollution.

Tata Nano undoubtedly means a pioneer in the global automotive industry as it makes the dream of the common man with a quadricycle is aptly called popular car!


Air car

Air car

Witnessing to be a “green” revolution in the automotive world ? A new clean car should indeed make its appearance on our roads in the coming months . Its originality ? It ” carbide ” with compressed air stored in a tank in carbon fiber integrated into the frame !

Zero pollution for compressed air

Developed since 1996 by the French company MDI , the compressed Air Car India are called “zero pollution” by their designers . These new cars would use in effect for trips into town only compressed air energy reserves so that adjuvant (petrol, diesel , vegetable oils, etc. . ) Allows an extension of autonomy for longer trips, consumption of the vehicle does not exceed 2 liters per 100 km !

Sustainable development benefits articleAutres “green ” not only these vehicles emit three times less CO2 than a conventional engine of the same power, but also:

  1. zero NOx (nitrogen oxide)
  2. 3-4000 times less HC ( hydrocarbons) unburned


Water car features:

01. Horsepower
Take a Jeep CJ-8, put a Honda Acura 3.7-liter V6 in the back to provide 305 hp.

02. Speed
Capable of doing over 80 mph (127 km / h) on the road and 44 mph (70 km / h) on the water, the Panther is equipped with a long-travel off-road suspension that allows access to less user-friendly lakes .

03 Weight
Having properties (weldability, formability, strength, ductility and toughness) that greatly exceed those of regular carbon steel, the choice of chromoly steel, while pricey, solved the Panther’s weight problem.

04 Engines
What goes inside the hull and chassis includes a powerful powertrain that provides motive force both on land and water. The engine for the Panther is the latest-generation Acura 3.7-liter VTEC V-6 engine. An all-aluminum powerplant, the V-6 is equipped with single overhead camshaft cylinder heads and 24 valves. Both intake and exhaust valves are controlled by Acura’s Variable valve Timing and lift Electronic Control (VTEC) system.


Tesla roadster features:

Tesla roadster

01. Horsepower
The design is totally different, however, since the structure of the Tesla should accommodate a small electric motor (only 70 kg), but a big battery pack. The engine is powerful, 185 kW at 13 500 r / min (251 hp), and it is a 2-speed gearbox which transmits power to the rear wheels. The first rises to 100 km / h, and the second a little more than 200 km / h. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is given for about 4 seconds, but we point out that this figure is an estimate. It does not appear that the performance of the car have already been measured.

02 . Built
However, the car has made a significant aspect of the finished product, and culminated with air conditioning, central locking, heated seats, 2 airbags, a control system of tire pressure, electric side windows, a soft top in series, and optionally a hardtop. They worked more than three years before the car show, and it shows. Attention to detail can be seen in many elements that have been marked, stamped or engraved with the name of the manufacturer.

03 Battery
Because the Tesla Roadster is an expensive car. The price is not yet fixed, but do not expect much below $ 100,000, which is actually reasonable, because the car includes more than 400 kg of Lithium-Ion batteries! The manufacturer says they should take 500 cycles, and it would be the Chinese batteries. 6831 small batteries (cells) electrically connected to each other side to form a single pack, but all managed individually by a controller with a high computing capacity. Damage, however, the manufacturer does not indicate the ability of the pack, it does not give either the exact weight, nor the self. Presumably it will be revealed when the car will be marketed effectively.

04 . Voyage
But what the manufacturer suggests, with pride, it is autonomy, which would be between 320 and 400 km. What with the 500 cycles allowed, would be more than 160,000 km on the same set of batteries is excellent. To charge, Tesla indicates a minimum time of 3:30, and it is clear that this is not a standard 16A plug. The car will be delivered with a dedicated support system, to install in his garage by a qualified electrician, who is essentially the installation of a socket 70 amps. But this requires always refuel at the same place (!) At home, and if the client wants to refuel from any outlet, it is necessary to use an option. The option consists of an embedded box rigged multiple takes, to be able to connect as well as on 220 110 V, still widely in use in the USA. Remains that 110 V 8 A, it will take more than 24 hours of charge …

Do you think Tesla roadster will be Tata nano, Water car, Air car to defeat it?


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