Mia Electric recently won an order for 100 cars EDF

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Bought not long ago by a group of international investors, the French manufacturer MIA recently received an order for 100 vehicles from EDF .

That gives a smile to the company , and his new boss , Michele Boos , who has the ambition to make profitable its electric car models from 2014.


Sales growth among individuals and professionals

In a statement, Mia Electric announced that apart from the 100 vehicles delivered to EDF in the coming months , the company makes good numbers , especially with the individuals segment where sales have doubled and now reaches 68 units .

Basically, this company located in Deux-Sèvres aims for this year 2013 sales amounted to approximately 700 cars .

The new management expects good prospects for 2014

The new president of Mia Electric also announced that the company is aiming for a 2014 production of 200 vehicles per month , and a 35% reduction of costs by re- negotiating with different suppliers. These measures are expected to attract new investors and ensure the profitability of electric cars. As a reminder , this segment currently represents 220 jobs at Mia Electric. Technically , the company does not intend to alter the characteristics of Mia , a 100% electric motor , developing 24 hp , with a battery that is 120 km .

New fee schedule

The direction of Mia Electric does not do things by half to reach its sales targets. The rates have been revised downwards, so as to attract more customers in this sector. Thus, the utility Mia is now at a price of 8033 euros , while Mia is 3 places to buy 10,469 euros. As for Mia 4 places it is currently 12,805 euros. Remember that these prices are set already deducted from the environmental bonus .ropean car stuck in crisis.


Test driving the Mia Electric car in Luxembourg!

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