Model S on fire!Tesla stock at 54 minutes, $ 1.233 billion loss

tesla car on fire

A Model S on fire video , so that within 50 minutes of Tesla stock tumbled 5.4%

Hong Kong Time on October 3 morning news, Wednesday , as an electric car (Tesla Model S) fire videos burned Tesla stock price 5.4% of market value evaporated $ 1.233 billion , but also to the company’s public relations department scorched .

This scared investors panic Tesla movie only 31 seconds , which is very simple, it is a new electric cars (Tesla Model S) in the street burning . Photographer said: ” My God Brothers , it was a brand new car alas ! ( Refers to a car fire screen ) …… Oh ! That was an electric car (Tesla Model S)! ”

TSLA stocks


Mr.Tesla I think this Tesla Model S on fire and will not affect the long-term operation Tesla Motors is only in the short term will slightly affect the Tesla stocks., I want to pick up cheap Tesla stocks can consider this approach when investing Tesla stocks. this is my own investment ideas.

※ All the above information is for reference exchange of learning, not for investment advice.

This is the last word , so that would have been downgraded Tesla stock in Hong Kong time at 2:30 on October 3 further collapse. From 2:30 to fall to around $ 185.5 3:20 of $ 175.4 , within 50 minutes or up to 5.4%. Tesla stock throughout the day to close at $ 180.95 , down 6.24 percent .

Tesla Global Media Director (Director of Global Communications) Elizabeth – Jarvis – Xin (Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean) confirmed the film is indeed a burning car tesla , but she stressed that the car driver from the car safely came out , was not injured.

Tesla Motors statement , the car first hit the middle of the road a ” huge metal objects ” , followed by the car’s alarm system displays the vehicle malfunction and the “Guideline” chauffeur car safely parked at the roadside. No one was injured in the accident , the only occupants of the car also has sufficient time to safely leave the cockpit and the police. As the car design and construction , the fire confined to the front of the site, all indications are that the flame does not enter inside the cockpit .

If we assume that Tesla Wednesday 14:30 declined because after this movie , then this is just 31 seconds of screen makes Tesla stock market value evaporated within 50 minutes $ 1,233,000,000 . The only models in the sale of Tesla Model S in the U.S. retail price of 63,570 dollars. The market value of these evaporation can purchase 19,396 cars Tesla Motors . These cars parked together end to end , just to circle around Beijing rings . ( Note: The Tesla Model S car length 4.9784 m , length 98.58 km Ring Road . )

Tesla car on fire

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