NBA players Derrick Rose suspected by ex-girlfriend alleging rape and drugging

US gossip website TMZ shocking billboard star Bulls ‘Dukes of roses’ Derrick Rose and the alleged gang rape of GHB!

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Applied to the court to sue the woman, but her name and identity has not been exposed, according to which the woman said she was in the period 2011-2013 and Ross had intercourse, during intercourse, masturbation Ross had forced her face to face, but also allow Ross and her friend fucks, also playing group sex, which the woman stressed that these requirements are Ross she refused.

The plaintiff said the victim, her relationship with Ross at the end of August 2013, when Ross and two friends invited her friends to Ross Beverly Hills mansion guests, but she found them in an attempt to lower drugged drinks attempted seizure.

Ross mansion when they flew to escape, but the night Ross and his friends broke into the victims of the plaintiff’s apartment, were gang-raped after she was drugged.

The plaintiff claimed that he had been in 2 years after sue, because she was ashamed of what had happened and embarrassed, but also worried that this thing will be found own conservative family. TMZ noted that the plaintiff wants to obtain compensation from Ross there, but the specific details of the claim is unknown.

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