Nissan Leaf: Honey, I bought a used electric car battery-powered plug in electric vehicles

Nissan Leaf electric car battery

The step was taken, I bought my 2013 Plug in Electric Vehicles. The Nissan LEAF is plug in electric vehicles elected Version ACENTA color GREY SQUALE, just out in the Network May 15 2013.

This is the new version of the plug in electric vehicles sold in the world with almost 70,000 copies. It is also the second best-selling suede, all car types combined (behind the golf engine).

The specifics of my purchase are:
– I bought the electric car battery is now 5 years and 100000km warranty.
– The seller gave me the maintenance at the dealership for 3 years.
– It is equipped with 6.6 kW charger for charging on a terminal phase 32A 4H.
– It is equipped with seats and heated steering wheel.

For the rest it develops 109CV, and it is a compact which allows more comfortably accommodate 5 people on a city with a safe to make the big races. Its range is 199km announced an increase of 15% compared to the old version. A heat pump is to replace the heater to increase autonomy in winter.

For safety it four stars (the highest) in Euro NCAP crash test. It offers a telematics system to access its state of charge remotely on the smart phone and start preheating area in winter for it to be hot when you leave. It also sends an alarm in case of attempted theft and download only the updates of the GPS without a subscription.

It is therefore ideally suited for shopping, outings Paris region in any season. I hope that our current and future elected officials make the totally free parking in the city center (including underground parking) and especially New York, which would give us great savings on our outings.

plug in electric vehicles

Normally, all the conditions are met for an easygoing and maintenance-free plug in electric vehicles.

Logically with as much strength it will quickly become the first family car. I even think seriously take him on vacation in the summer cottage in Touraine. Especially since I found the site a quick charge port in 30 minutes south of Orleans on the way (N20). It is an experience that I will try soon next year.
More Introduction

I take a few minutes to express my experience and appreciation circulate Nissan Leaf 100% plug in electric vehicles. I took possession of the electric vehicle in Laval on May 15, with great enthusiasm, it was my first new car, an electric car. I was all smiles and happy to take possession of an advanced at a price my time plug in electric vehicles reasonable.

Some details about the shopping experience. For those who do not know me at all, just show me a few lines. I am a passionate young transport and energy. I work on projects of electric and hybrid vehicles since 1999 and studying Mount achieved a Masters in Mechanical Engineering (2003) on the design of a plug in electric vehicles with triple energy (electrical, hydraulic and thermal). My experience at the dealer was probably not standard for the seller, as I know quite the plug in electric vehicles before taking possession. The CNTA is particularly testing the Leaf in July 2011 Communauto. We therefore tested the plug in electric vehicles characteristics (in summer) to make some recommendations in an application shared plug in electric vehicles.

However, the manufacturing make us sign a 5 pages expressing the limitations of the plug in electric vehicles, the constraints related to the use of a battery electric vehicles, which does not meet all of our travel needs and leads us to recognize that the plug in electric vehicles can have a range of less than 90 km under certain conditions. Anyway, for someone who is not fully convinced, in this contract may slow more. By cons, this document ensures that the Nissan customer is notified and agrees to use a vehicle with such features.

Difficult start

Upon receipt of the plug in electric vehicles, I had decided to reject the proposed Nissan / AeroVironment for turnkey installation ($) of a terminal for $ 3,200. However, this meant that I recharge the plug in electric vehicles on 120V for a few weeks. Suffice to say that the vehicle is running, I made more than 2000 km in these conditions, but it is not ideal at all, the cooldown winter being more than 20 hours for a full charge. So I worked with a vehicle that had a range diminishing every day of the week and I need to keep the car plugged the weekend for the following week.
However, in early February, I received a 240V terminal in the office and at home, so that the driving experience is reversed suddenly, the plug in electric vehicles returns to its full load 5-6am, for a range of 250-300 km daily. Charging to 120 V is provided by the manufacturer as a maintenance charge for once a year to balance the cells, but this procedure is not required-plus.

I operate the plug in electric vehicles every day, I do not regret my stops in stations that had the effect of load at least $ 70 to my credit card at least once a week, it is replaced by an increase my electricity bill of about $ 5.4 (500 km) per week.

In summer, the average range available in my user profile (6 km / kWh) is 144 km. In winter, the consumption of the plug in electric vehicles is 5 km / kWh due to heating (4.5 kW), winter tires and air density. However, a range of 120 km is obtained in worse times. Beyond self-announced, the vehicle can pass at least 12 km on a subject before turning off the power of the engine.

In terms of driving experience, the car has 300 kg of electric car battery in the floor (9 inches from the ground). The center of mass of the plug in electric vehicles is one of the lowest automotive vehicles on the market, no heat plug in electric vehicles can not come close to this unique feature to the Leaf and the Tesla Model S. The center of mass as low increases road holding to such an extent that it is possible to keep the cruise control (cruise control) active in the J. highway exits

In terms of my motivations, why an plug in electric vehicles? At first, it is to free myself from oil consumption. The plug in electric vehicles is 95% of my trips to the other, I use my wife’s car, my colleagues and I rented a car for my business trips (unfortunately in this case I have to put gas).

The car is also very luxurious, similar to a Nissan Maxima, Audi A4, etc.. Not that I’m someone who needs a luxury car, but often we are faced with a reality, the car is expensive, then I say, okay, but an A4 starts at $ 38 000 n has no incentive to buy and will cost at least $ 2,800 USD / year of fuel.

Another motivation was for me to be cohérant with my work, my values. Electricity is not the future in transportation, it is my present, my daily life. Why wait? The warranty? Life? Surprises? Come on.
For your information, my next visit to the dealer is at 30 000 km <> to download data the electric car battery! Normally this operation is once a year for about $ 150. The advantage of a 100% electric engine VS a PHEV vehicle is its simplicity, a motor, a battery and a controller. All sized to provide reasonable performance for many operations. I have not read the maintenance manual VOLT <>, but maintenance is significantly more meaningful with appointments to 12,000 km away.

The fear of failure
Some call it the RANGE ANXIETY <> is the fear of running out of gas, the confrontation with limited autonomy combined with time significant recharge. In fact, this can be maintained if you do not have a charging station because the full autonomy is very long to get. Gold 6h charging, the vehicle displays 168 km of autonomy, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the final minutes of driving. Wise it is able to predict the range of the plug in electric vehicles if it is driven by a human! Despite the difficulty of knowing precisely how far we can go, it becomes obvious that a driver plug in electric vehicles quickly learns how to drive efficiently, quickly sometimes months, sometimes with more minor acceleration, it is certain that I have traveled more than 250 km on some days and crossed 35 km with a electric car battery time of 21 km. I’m not afraid to fail, but I must admit that 11,000 km I had to leave the highway twice to make sure I reach my destination. I plan my trips more fun for me and announcements of rising gasoline prices, there has been no increase in the price of electricity in 11 000 km.

In conclusion
If you’re not ready for an plug in electric vehicles, there are dozens of models of hybrid vehicles and PHEV that come with consumption below 5 L/100km. If adventure you said, go try the Leaf at a Nissan dealership is in my opinion the only real electric car on the market. The Mitsubishi iMiEV is less expensive, but difficult to use on highway routes, outside the city. Focus EV available, but is derived from a thermal platform plug in electric vehicles. The Tesla Model S will be even better, but the price will make a exceptional car. Finally, for those who know me, I’m not very materialistic and feel no form of attachment to my car in general, but the Leaf gives me a sense of independence and comfort, I must confess, has made me addicted. His silence, his frank and instant acceleration and independence from oil are a fantastic plug in electric vehicles.

2013 Nissan Leaf Review and Drive

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