Plug in Electric Vehicles:Land Rover has tested its first electric 4 × 4 based on the Defender

plug in electric vehicles

The technology of plug in electric vehicles is she the future of the 4 × 4?

That is the question that arises in testing the Land Rover Defender 95 new bedrooms, fully electric. The tests were carried out in real conditions.

Alea Roll the dice! The construction of a 4 × 4 electric is now on track. The question now is whether the British firm will eventually introduce this electric Defender for sale.

Indeed, what makes the difference with an plug in electric vehicles, is that the couple responds instantly and never decrease.

And usually it is this power that fans look for in a 4 × 4 vehicle or other utilitarian purpose.
That is why the British brand launched the Defender project All Terrain Electric Vehicle Research, name of all-electric Defender.

But there is still a long way to go for this project 4 × 4 power before reaching: the 95 bhp engine is satisfactory through against autonomy is only 80 kilometers. In any case registered before Land Rover decides to add an additional battery pack figure, so that the electric Defender can ride in the Eden Project for a whole day without the need for recharging. In addition, this optimization will allow the car to have a better stability through better weight distribution.

In this test phase, the plug in electric vehicles is weighted 12 tons, four wagons stowed aft and will run under these conditions for a whole day. Land Rover has not mentioned a specific date in respect of the marketing of the electric Defender, but the brand still has hinted that it will not take place before the end of the decade.
2013 Land Rover Defender Electric Tested 4×4 SUV Commercial 2013 New Car Review HD

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