Princess Elsa noted: Tesla Model S price will defeat the Japanese automotive industry?

Tesla Model S price

As tesla model s price how much is it? In fact, divided into many price because tesla model s There are many kinds of models. The following is the tesla model s price of the relevant reports.

California fortune of US electric car manufacturing giant Tesla Tesla, 2012 launch of the Model S saloon car running in the first half of 2013 units sold in 8900 success, even better than the Porsche sales in California; and not only beautiful outside type, but quiet and environmentally friendly electric power.

Tesla Model S is priced in the US from US $ 60,003 thousand dollars off the cars. And we share today is the highest level of car Tesla Model S P85 and buy a bunch of accessories top gauge cars, so the prices are a direct $ 100,000 level. Model S P85D equipped with four-wheel drive system, from 0 to 96km / h in just 3.2 seconds, comparable to a congregation of ultra-running. In addition, a single fully charged car battery life than the Model S P85 (rear engine, rear drive) also increased the 16km.

Following half a month before the release of the Model S price in China mainland area, Tesla has officially confirmed today the price of products in Hong Kong. And the mainland compared to 85 and P85 outside these two Model S, the Hong Kong side will be more sales using 60kWh battery of 60 versions. As for the price, the lowest asking price of 60 HK $ 579,000 (about NT $ 2,260,000), 85 and P85 respectively price HK $ 657,000 (about NT $ 2,565,000) and HK $ 761,800 (about NT $ 2,974,000). In addition, Model X is still in the booking status, interested friends can go to look at the source.

Model S has a unique battery technology, through a special pressurized charging technology, only 20 minutes to fully charge 50% of the electricity, after fully charged in full to travel 426km; the company recently released a new type of lithium-ion and metal-air combination of two cells, endurance will increase to 650km, focusing on the depot build charging stations for “free.”

In Taiwan, there are car dealers spotted the green energy opportunities in very high homogeneity car trader in the industry, especially the specialized import Tesla electric car. According to the introduction of the car Fu Hai Chen Dewei international car industry representatives said that so far has orders for more than 10 Tesla Model S electric car ran five, about 4,5 ministry has been handed to the buyer on the road, more than half of the buyers for listed companies As research use, the rest are individual users. Tesla Model S as a result of three sizes, output and endurance are different, so the price in Taiwan, according to an optional, priced from NT400 million to NT680 million.

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If you think Tesla Model S price is too expensive, then maybe you can go to the site to look at Tesla announced their suggested retail price.


Tesla Model S price

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