SAUSAGE PARTY R-rated adult film? Not suitable for children ??


“SAUSAGE PARTY” Only adults can see ??? WTF ??


Who wrote the script for This is the End Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to bring this year is hilarious R-rated adult animation film SAUSAGE PARTY. You think too much ~ Ha! Characters in the film are all foods. The protagonist is sausage, gay Mexican burritos, bagel Jewish and Arab pie, etc. are also classified as R-rated because each role with an opening speech and ultimately “F” words !
The annual SXSW Film Festival will also broadcast several sets of shooting or the process of making a movie trailer. Last year’s highlights include Bridemaids, Trainwreck and Furious 7.Seth Rogen and said past Pixar movies like Shuo emotion invested in the toy car and on pets. so if you have feelings food is what will happen?


“SAUSAGE PARTY Ministry of Food is emotional film.”


Watching the potatoes are divided into two really funny. Sausages and a swift escape or be killed alive carrot scene will appear in a panic in the movie! In addition, the film also questioned the existence of God and religion disadvantages extending out.

What I believe we finished what will be very much looking forward, but looking at being the first to notice – is the highlight of the year …… I believe we will be very popular after watching the trailer! “SAUSAGE PARTY” this animated film will be released nationwide on August 12!


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