Scrooser : electric scooter “custom”

A new generation of two wheels is born , it is the electric scooter christened Scrooser .

With its lightweight frame and oversized tires electric power, Scrooser meets the needs of practicality, style and environmental responsibility .

Scrooser : electric scooter customscooser

The Scrooser is described as an ” urban mobility solution for environmentally responsible people .” It will not go unnoticed with its futuristic design : aluminum alloy frame , a very simple saddle , clean shapes and impressive 8-inch wheels . LED headlights also offer you a perfect night vision, always in the spirit of ” green.”

scrooser electric bike

This scooter works with the same technique as the electric bike whose engine amplifies the force exerted on the pedals.

Specifically, Scrooser features a 1000 W electric motor capable of quadrupling the pushing force of your legs. Your energy expenditure is drastically reduced .

You can run at a maximum speed of 25 km / h for a range of 55 km . A full charge of the lithium battery I can last up to 25 days in urban areas. Finally , the vehicle requires no license. The total weight of 28 kg can, however deter some followers of the scooter.

Scrooser : the custom electric scooter


Scrooser been a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds of $ 120,000 in 20 days ( closing set on 10 July ) , a quarter of this sum is already collected at present . The project was to create an innovative means of transport , marketable and practical for everyday urban use. The design and design Scrooser were initiated in March 2012, to reach the operational prototype currently presented by engineers based in Dresden , Germany.
Scrooser – Kickstarter Promo

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