It sounds incredible , Mark Zuckerberg wanted to buy Tesla stock ?


Tesla stock has been dropping! I can buy it? Tesla stock price for buy it now?

Here are five good reasons to buy Tesla stock. Even FB founder Mark Zuckerberg saw Tesla will buy the stock?!

Tesla Motors (TSLA) shares rebounded on Tuesday , mainly due to the analysts’ published research report that the recent decline in the stock opportunity for investors and bargain hunters. Tesla pointed out some positive irritant power , is expected to be launched three months Model S all-wheel drive models and so on.

Tesla shares rose in regular trading on the Nasdaq market in the $ 5.48 to $ 259.34, up 2.16%. Over the past 52 weeks, the highest price was $ 286 Tesla stock, the lowest price is $ 185. CEO Elon Musk has said it shares higher on September 5. Morgan Stanley (MS) analyst research report released Monday, said it agreed to the view Musk, leading shares fell 9.1% to close, its biggest one-day percentage drop since May 8 in.
But the global equity research (Global Equities Research) analyst Tripp – Chaudhry (Trip Chowdhry) released a report that has not been touched Tesla’s fundamentals still remain strong. He believes that Tesla stock has the following several positive momentum irritation:

1. The expected Tesla Model S four-wheel drive models will be launched within three months, it will be “a major irritant in revenue momentum,” because of its customer base will expand to Tesla northern parts of the country.

2. “driver assistance” (Driver assist) functions are expected to visit the Tesla Model S models within three months.

3. Tesla Roadster is expected to be equipped with a single charge mileage of up to 400 miles of the battery pack within three months.

4. Tesla Model X Alpha version will be available to potential customers of electric vehicles in the next 6-12 months.

5. Tesla is likely to be in production within 12 months Model 3 models.

At the same time, since September 4 record closing high of $ 286.04, Tesla’s stock has dropped 11%. So far this year, Tesla stock is still up 69 percent, compared to the S & P 500 index rose just 7.3 percent over the same period. Chaudhry that since Tesla’s fundamentals remain “very strong” and therefore may push investors to buy on dips. He will be Tesla’s stock rating to “Overweight”, 12 to 18 months target price of $ 385, compared with 52% of its current share price high.

Read the above five reasons to buy Tesla stock, no wonder FB founder Mark Zuckerberg will buy Tesla stock!


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