Tesla makes sparks:A pioneer in electric vehicles


Tesla Model S (2013)

The ultimate automobile is now at the United States.A Californian brand offering vehicles with performance and stunning aesthetics.

The latest model develops 310 kilowatts (equivalent to 416 hp) with a range of 480 km.0 km / h is reached 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds, just like a Ferrari.

Specialists will appreciate – even if we may ask under what circumstances it is necessary to reach this speed with such haste?

The manufacturer, in Silicon Valley, has already announced significant profits and capitalization of the company is already traded three times that of PSA Peugeot Citroën.Of course, this is an electric vehicle! The long parenthesis vehicle engine, hungry fossil fuels may be getting close.

La Jamais Contente driven in 1899 by Camille Jenatzy

It will be recalled that it is an electric vehicle that famous hundred miles an hour had been exceeded for the first time in the late nineteenth century (1899).

La Jamais Contente, torpedo-like, now rests from his exploits at the National Museum of the car and Tourism Chateau de Compiegne, in Oise.


Nikola Tesla, 1856 – 1943

The name of the Tesla brand is, of course, a loan and a tribute to Nikola Tesla, the Serbian engineer whose Jean Echenoz a zebra’s biography spectacular lightning.We owe this great inventor, the patent fertile mind, all versions of the current – DC, AC – waves and frequencies.

Tesla’s name has also been given in 1956 to describe the unit of magnetic induction, which measures the magnetic field of the magnets.

If there is a fairy electricity, Tesla is certainly the good or the evil genius: He claimed to have invented the death ray in the form of a beam of charged particles accelerated and, imagining that channeler could “send concentrated beams of particles in the air, and this powerful energy could bring down a fleet of 10,000 enemy airplanes at a distance of 200 miles from the border of a country that defends itself, and would s crush down dead in their tracks”.

One thinks of Anatole France in the final utopia on the white stone: “Our borders are defended by electricity.It exists around the federation zone lightning.A small man with glasses is sitting somewhere or in front of a keyboard.This is our single soldier.

He has only to put his finger on a button to spray an army of five hundred thousand men.”

That man could be Nikola alia Gregor-hero of the novel-Echenoz, master of thunder and lightning.


Yet the best specialists (including the prédictionniste Joël de Rosnay) provide electricity to a bright future that will have the best part in the energy mix of the interconnected set of direct renewable energy and indirect energy sources, with solar photovoltaic, wind energy (offshore, land, urban), the hydraulien (underwater turbines using the energy of ocean currents), hydroelectric turbines (in a river, dams and waterfalls), the energy of tides and waves, and remains secure nuclear energy …all in a totally decentralized small producers intelligently interconnected by the latest generation internet system.The concept of Smart Grid and long tail “brightly” developed by De Rosnay and his followers by giving a clear idea …in a flash.

At the same time, a report by the World Bank points out that 1.2 billion people in the world are still without electricity.


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