Tesla Model S prices subvert electric car the entire world

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Tesla Model S

Enjoy the world’s most powerful electric car Tesla, recently announced the price of its Model S, and plans to sell the second quarter of 2012.

Tesla battery power according to three different prices of the following three:
● 40kWh: 4.99 million dollars
● 60kWh: 5.99 million dollars
● 85kWh: 6.99 million dollars

Tesla Knowledge: What is the Electric Car?

Pure electric vehicles to the energy stored in the car battery, equivalent to general car’s fuel tank, the vehicle provides power to the motor, the motor converts electrical energy into kinetic energy to propel the vehicle, the structure is very simple.

Trams used batteries are batteries, the power is exhausted through the input power to the vehicle battery. Push the wheel motors can be like a traditional way to vehicles via differential transmission to the wheels, the newer approach is that each push round each of which has a motor, the motor is directly promote wheels, province minus the differential.

In addition to the motor is usually used to propel the vehicle, but also serving as the brake regenerative braking energy converter system, the vehicle’s kinetic energy into electrical energy accumulator recycling storage batteries. Unlike most vehicles, pure electric motor when the stop is completely stopped and did not consume energy.


Tesla appearance:
Tesla Model S has a very dynamic body lines and coupe body shape, the new S-type design of bumpers and taillights somewhat similar to the new Jaguar XF, while that very shocking headlights and wheel design. It is difficult to imagine a pure electric vehicle.

Tesla Equipment:
Inside, the highest level of 85kWh also different, using Nappa leather seats and carbon fiber trim, while accompanied by a suede wrapped. The biggest highlight of the vehicle than in the control on the huge LCD screen.

Tesla performance:
Configuration, the rear USB jack, LED fog lights, HID headlights, satellite navigation, reversing high resolution imaging, and Keyless functions readily available. Tesla highest level when cruising at 55mph average speed is 370 km from ,0-100km / h acceleration of 5.6 seconds is also amazing outstanding performance, speed up to 201 km / h.

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