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While Tesla sold in dribs and drabs in France and in Europe, in California that sales experienced an extraordinary boom : 14 cars registered in 2012 against 4174 just for the second quarter of 2013 !


Unconvincing figures in France

There is little statistical registrations of electric car company  in France were published.

According to the figures , the Tesla electric car company just missed the top five in sales in 2010 , before being relegated to the tenth annual sales in 2011. During the year 2012, the Tesla advanced to the twelfth position in sales in France . This decline was particularly noted with the introduction of new brands on the market in recent years, namely the Volkswagen Golf, the Renault ZOE , or the BMW 1 Series . It is then that Tesla was successful across the Atlantic .

The vein is called the California

According to figures released Monday in the United States , sales of electric cars Tesla experienced a sharp rise in the state of California , a 33% increase in sales of Tesla S over the last 12 months. According to documents of the association of car dealers in California , if only 14 Tesla were registered in 2012 , 4174 have been nothing that in Q2 2013. This explosion of sales will obviously give added value to the brand, particularly impacted on market capitalization.

Small Tesla become large

The automotive professionals say that with these very positive results , Tesla passes in front of large brands such as Volvo , Porsche or Jaguar . The Tesla S, the small family fully ecological sells today for $ 62,000 dollars. Its fully electric motor has a range of 430 km when the battery is full, which is quite remarkable , while its competitors are far below . Moreover, the market capitalization of Tesla Motors fell in front of those big brands like Italian Fiat or PSA Peugeot Citroën , the European car stuck in crisis.
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