Tesla Roadster Sport VS Porsche 911? Who can win?

Tesla Roadster Sport

Tesla Roadster Sport Information:
Currently popular electric sports car “Tesla Roadster Sport”. However, Tesla was never so popular as it is today.

Tesla company in the U.S. Nasdaq Stock Exchange, becoming the first ever to achieve an IPO of new energy automobile manufacturers, but also from the 1956 Ford conducted after the IPO, the first American in 54 years to carry out the IPO car manufacturers.

Porsche 911 Information:
Stuttgart, Germany Porsche 911 Porsche sports car manufactured by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche designed. Because of the unique style and an excellent international reputation for durability. More specifically, it is the sports car. Porsche 911 is an international twentieth century’s most influential car. He ranking fifth, losing only Model T Ford, Mini, Citroen DS and Fox beetles.

Tesla Roadster Sport front face

Tesla company is undoubtedly the darling of Wall Street. Tesla originally planned 14 to 16 U.S. dollars per share issue price of 1,110 million shares, raising $ 166 million for the construction of new plants and the development of new models; outcome sought after by investors because, on the eve of the IPO additional 20% stake in the provisional decision, 1330 will be issued to increase the number of shares, issue price increased to $ 17, financing amount rose to $ 226 million. In this case, the day of listing, Tesla stock is still favored by investors, the stock to $ 19 opening, closing at $ 23.89, representing a rise of about 41% of the IPO pricing.

Although the first quarter of this year, Tesla’s losses even from last year’s $ 16 million to expand to $ 29.5 million. But clearly, the Wall Street even believe in the future. For the future, JD Power is expected to be: to 2015, annual global sales of electric vehicles will reach 300,000.

Tesla Roadster Sport tail

In addition to Wall Street, there outstretched hand to Tesla Daimler and Toyota, including many strategic investors. Toyota, which is the latest one investor.

Tesla Roadster Sport Wheels

Tesla’s products are also subject to fashion people’s favorite. My version of TAG Heuer Tesla car in front is a good proof. So far, Tesla’s Roadster is only a production car, including the Roadster and Roadster Sport two models, while the car in front of me is a TAG Heuer edition Tesla Roadster Sport. On Tesla’s product strategy, the car wearing a coat of electric Lotus Elise sports car is more like its electric vehicle technology test for water, while in 2012 the official listing of four models Model S is its pioneering electric car market heavyweight products.

In Tesla’s website, Model S has three powerful strength:
● 0-96 km / h acceleration: 5.6 seconds.
● Mileage: 480 km.
● Emissions: 0.

Tesla Roadster Sport tail cover and charging port

In contrast, Tesla Roadster Sport corresponding three numbers are:
● 0-96 km / h acceleration: 3.7 seconds.
● Mileage: 320 km.
● Emissions: 0.

Each one of us knows what it means to the last digit, which is the better future of electric vehicles is one of the important guarantee. For intermediate figure, accompanied us and shoot the Tesla test engineer explains that this is a very conservative figure, in fact, in the ideal state car mileage sports car can reach 500 km, normal driving can reach 400 km. I have no chance to verify what he said, but I really feel the first number of the hidden strength.

From the body designs, Tesla Roadster Sport Roadster style is completely faction. I crossed the threshold of the wide, climbed into the cockpit very low, so low in the chassis, seat, tightly wrapped. This is a standard fighting stance, I was controlled by the car apparently did not intend to offer much comfort to me, but fortunately it is not so extreme go-kart.

Tesla Roadster Sport interior with dashboard

Everything is ready, I will go on foot stomping the floor oil. Almost simultaneously, banging my head on the seat back, fortunately, the seat is not too hard. This is my car at any of a petrol or diesel car never felt before. This is first of all thanks to the motor force characteristics, Tesla Roadster Sport motor at zero speed can instantly broke out in a huge 400 Nm of torque, which is obviously not the internal combustion engine can be compared.

Tesla used the Lotus sports car lightweight design, at the very start has many advantages. Tesla can use single-speed gearbox allows Tesla Roadster Sport 3.7 seconds to accelerate from standstill to 96 km / h (Tesla Roadster was 3.9 seconds), but also to maintain a maximum speed of 200 km / hour. Porsche simply can not be compared.

Tesla Roadster Sport center console

Tesla Roadster Sport steering wheel although difficult to flip the car is stationary, but as the speed increased, and its operation immediately becomes very good. That precise feeling, bring a lot of manipulation of fun.

In some ways, it feels even more than 911 and R8. Driving Tesla Roadster Sport This unique experience is divided into three points:
1 – without any preparation, and instantly a huge torque.
2 – a powerful driving force that broke out during the silent mystery.
3 – single speed gearbox brings coherence.

Tesla Roadster Sport electric sports car is another notable feature: Once my right foot away from the accelerator, the engine immediately release a very significant braking force. This is the recovery of energy to charge the battery, which in some cases allow brake somewhat redundant. But unlike most hybrids differ, Tesla Roadster Sport does not actually recovered braking energy generated.

Tesla Roadster Sport gear

Tesla company on Wall Street and around the world for investors, Roadster is just a unique flavor appetizer. However, this is indeed a very tasty appetizer. Even if only a very brief contact, I still say, Tesla Roadster Sport is a cool, fun car.

Tesla Roadster Sport Battery

Tesla Roadster Sport Summary:
If you happen to have $ 200,000 (or euro) money, please consider my suggestion: take out $ 100,000 to buy a Roadster, this is not only a most stylish coat, or a very fun toy. Then use the remaining $ 100,000 to buy Tesla’s stock, you may become very wealthy in the elderly.

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