Tesla vehicles on track to achieve its goal

Tesla vehicles

While many newcomers have joined the elephant graveyard, and a number are suspended, Tesla vehicles is the only new manufacturer to break into the emerging market for electric cars.


Not only the Californian brand found success with the Model S, which accumulates and * price is selling well, but it also now realize profits.

She earned a profit of $ 11 million over the first four months of the year.This is not great, especially since it is necessary to subtract outside sources of income ** but it’s very symbolic for a brand that has remained in the red for 10 years and which owes its salvation to the personality (and the thickness of the portfolio) of its founder, Elon Musk.


Anyway, Tesla vehicles has managed the feat of 4900 Model S on sale from January to April (instead of 4500 planned).However, the average price is lower than expected because customers prefer the version with the 60 kWh battery.

The entry-level 40 kWh was abandoned.The reception of the electric sedan can revise upward sales forecasts.

Tesla_model s_002

The Californian firm believes have the potential to sell more than 20,000 cars a year (the estimate is more than 30, 000).She is counting on Europe (where the first cars arrive) and Asia.


The manufacturer develops a parallel network with 34 outlets around the world.There will be 15 more by the end of the year.


Tesla Auto has made progress since the assembly time was reduced by 40% in recent months.In addition, the Model S has been improved with an updated remote that enables the voice multimedia system.


One of the highlights is the after-sales service.Tesla vehicles wants the best service in the world with an exceptional warranty for the battery (which does not cover accidents, vandalism and damage due to the intervention of a non-licensed professional).


Another advantage is the resale price remains at a very high level.

tesla batterie models

The brand has also made courtesy vehicles (Model S and roadsters) and offers a jockey to pick up the customer’s vehicle in case of failure or revision.In this regard, the annual review is purely optional ($ 600 anyway).It allows for minor operations and improvements.


The brand is also working to expand its network of superchargers, the use of which is free for life to customers.

Tesla model x musk

And tomorrow? Tesla vehicles third generation, the famous Model X will be launched in 2014.A car that will be cheaper than the Model S, which should also attract a clientele wishing to ride differently.
* Including the Green Car of the Year show in New Yok and other
** The fruitful cooperation with Daimler ($ 7 million for Class B electric) and Toyota, as well as resale to other manufacturers of zero emission credits for 68 million dollars.


2013 Tesla Model S Electric car – Interior and Exterior – Carrefour Laval, Quebec, Canada


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