Tesla:Model S vs Model X


Tesla Motors is a Silicon Valley-based, NASDAQ-listed company, from the Stanford University Master dropouts Elon Musk and master graduates JB Straubel was founded in 2003. Specializes in the production of pure electric vehicles.

Tesla Model X

It’s produced cars with Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X.

In addition to pure electric car, It’s also sell pure electric car parts. Electric car it main advantage of multi-cell battery energy management techniques.


Tesla Model S:

1.5 +2 seat set

Tesla Model S with 5 & 2 seat setting (the extra two seats are optional). Since there is no fuel tank, exhaust pipes, engines, and other elements to take up a lot of space, so that many aspects of Tesla Model S ride and create more storage space. The two rear seat rear-facing child seat is set, 5 & 2 of the design concept really let Tesla Model S reached. Just sit behind the children, safety concerns probably need to persuade customers to pay for future key.

2.Large 2.17 inch Tablet PC

Tesla Model S to open the door, you immediately see this 17-inch touch tablet PC, which is the core of the entire vehicle technology, in addition to the others stereo, air conditioning and other control interfaces, navigation not to mention it and, apart from the outside can also monitor energy usage, 3G Internet access, audio and video entertainment and also download the application software, in addition to not photographic recording, the powerful to even the iPad to shame.

3.built-in style with roadster

It’s shape quite excellent seats, the overall use of hand-stitched leather interior, the car roof to spend suede material, so that this electric car place among luxury cars as well.

4.Powerful performance – Future Challenges BMW M5

It’s weighs 1735 kg, and its 0-60mph 5.6 seconds long, so that data is already car level. However, in October the activities organized, CEO Elon Musk announced Tesla Model S performance version of the future will be 0-60mph score improved to 4.5 seconds will overtake BMW M5.


Tesla Model X:

Specifically the introduction of electric vehicles in the famous Tesla Model X launched called the SUV. It’s has received more than 500 orders, worth about $ 40 million. “Model X” became Google’s third-largest search engine search keywords. The Tesla company’s official website teslamotors.com hits soared 2,800%.

1.Backdoor way to open the gull-wing

It is introduced a third electric vehicle. Tesla Model X is the foundation to build Tesla Model S, sharing 60% of the components. Designs have many similarities. Body lines, smooth curves, the decline in the latter half of the roof curve reminiscent of the BMW X6 (quotations image parameters). Model X backdoor is also very characteristic, using a similar upward turn Benz SLS gull-wing doors open to facilitate the second and third row passengers get on and off.

2.Equipped with 17-inch big touch screen

Tesla Model X inside, the most prominent is the ultra-Daquan on the center console touch screen that replaces the traditional kinds of buttons on the center console. Abolition of the traditional electric vehicle on the engine and gearbox, Tesla Model X interior space is very spacious, three rows of seats can sit 7 adults, and in addition with three rows of seats behind the luggage compartment, the original location of the engine is also installed into the New luggage compartment.

3.Provides three kinds of driving modes and two kinds of capacity of the battery

Dynamic aspects, Tesla Model X will offer rear-wheel drive by two motors driving the front and rear respectively, all-wheel drive, and a high-performance version of the all-wheel drive and offers a capacity of 60 kwh and 85 kwh battery pack. Where high-performance version 0-96km / h acceleration time of less than five seconds, which is such a large 7 SUV is very striking.

Tesla Model X will be held in late 2013 Tesla factory in Fremont, CA begin production early 2014 delivery of the vehicle. It’s expects annual sales from 10,000 to 15,000. Order now need to pay $ 5,000 deposit, listing specific price to go to close to release, expected price range from 60,000 to 90,000 U.S. dollars. For further information about this vehicle, please continue to focus on this website http://teslaelectriccar1.com.



U.S. Consumer Reports tests imposed by vehicles on American consumers have a very high reference value. Consumer Reports released the latest test report, Tesla Model S to get 99 points. ps. In history there has never parity 99 minutes!

Model S worth 89,650 U.S. dollars, Consumer Reports is not only the highest points of the electric car, it is all test vehicles in the highest scoring cars. The Tesla Model S in Consumer Reports was able to get such a high score, the main reason is to start from scratch to build the Model S pure electric vehicles. No fuel vehicles both a framework and a burden.

The power of the electric motor, the fuel cars have the engine compartment on the Model S will become “suitcase.” In addition to the wide rear luggage space, but also provides backward 1 & 1 child seat. The battery pack is housed in the chassis of the vehicle center of gravity will also be lowered, bringing better control performance.

Model S electric motor also gives amazing performance! Under test Model S can accelerate from standstill in 5.5 seconds to a speed of 96.6 km (60 miles), and has about 321 kilometers (200 miles) of driving distance.
Tesla is also on the main road in the United States set up a free fast charging station, Model S to continue driving. Such powerful performance so excited Mr.Tesla, and immediately want to have a Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X.


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