Warriors 73 wins set a championship? Why not both?

Warriors 73 win

Warriors grab 73 wins and steady it spurs all the main holiday!?

Warriors yesterday vs. witches, Stephen Curry 3 points to regain the ferocious firepower, single game soared into 6 3-pointers, scored 26 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists and 5 steals, rate Warriors withstood wizard distal chase to 102 more than 94 wins at home across the season 54-game winning streak.
But yesterday the Spurs point guard, “the French small car” ony Parker accepted French radio access when said: “! Spurs might of all the main holiday when Warriors” This record is undoubtedly a challenge Warriors boon, Parker said: “I think nobody will play the game for Warriors of regg Popovich Spurs coach, the most important player in the playoffs is to get enough rest, for him, winning is everything, home record, play against the Warriors, he will not feel interest. ”
NBA for many years, has not tried to have a season that, two giants in the West Bank continue to rub a new record, Warriors unstoppable course, the cross-season record home winning streak and three waves constantly pushed forward. As for the Spurs today after the holiday, single-season home Bulls winning streak also tied the record of 37 wins.
Curry 3 points this season to show the horror of fire, it will be the greatest weapon Warriors challenge the record, this season he has slammed 356 3-pointers, constantly rewriting the previous quarter to keep yourself up to 286 single-season 3-pointers record, and even have the opportunity to challenge “impossible task” single-season record 400 3-pointers, the current Warriors remaining eight games, all as Curry race, averaging 5.5 must soared into 3-pointers.
Seeing Curry have the opportunity to reach a single-season record of 400 3-pointers, teammate Klay Thompson address him: “This is really ridiculous, this is an exaggerated figure how he dropped into the 286 in the previous quarter 3-pointers, which 400 season immediately challenge, really incredible! ”

Although Thompson’s 3-fire is also very alarming, yesterday he dropped two 3-pointers scored 16 points this season have 255 3-pointers, became the first five single-season record dropped into the 3-point shot more than 250 players, but Curry and compared, still a far cry, he said: “Maybe when he is old, could not move, I might be able to get rid of him and grabbed the first league scorer title.”
Spurs Grizzlies today for their injury, so Kawhi recuperate, so Bobo, Patty Mills and Danny Green to rest, the results of the successful win, the Thunder after guests, this is a tough battle, but Popovich, what can compare the record player health, especially in the current Spurs 61 wins, 11 losses, 65 wins and 7 losses is extremely difficult to catch up with the Warriors, that early start rotation in suitable, however.

Today’s game, Kevin Martin joined in March as the first-choice, and Tony Parker in the backcourt mate, 40-year-old veteran Andre Miller also played 16 minutes, had four points and three assists. Spurs finally successfully Ying Bo, but more importantly is the main rest, Triarii also have more time to battle with his teammates run-understanding. As I expected, after Ying Bo, the Spurs have been announced for tomorrow’s game against the Thunder, except Kawhi Leonard continues to recuperate, GDP Relay old folk will rest.

Previous quarters Manu had said, if the Spurs can make TD rest and still win the game, then it is like “Money in the bank for us later,” the future will always be “financial interest in Concurrently”; so Spurs fans used to see early Too Old to Popovich in the grounds, so that in the absence of veteran war. Although the Spurs this season ball and Kawhi body transferred to the LMA, GDP and other veterans such as David West, Kevin Martin, Dior, Menahem are just green leaves, but everyone knows GDP indispensable when competitiveness, especially in the end of next month to celebrate the 40th birthday of veteran Duncan, as long as he stood in the court, the entire defense team on a raised level, players have confidence!

On the other side of the West Bank, Warriors is a completely different story.

Originally coach Steve Kerr insisted end of the season will limit rotation to allow the main well to meet the playoffs, but after Stephen Curry and Draymond Green and other protests, Carl’s tone has changed. Kerr has agreed to let them continue to play the main foot, the situation unless there is injured or too tired.

In the current situation analysis, Warriors have 85% chance of winning the league won the 1-bit brother, the biggest problem is Andre Iguodala, Andrew Bogut and Festus Ezeli injured, affecting mobility, but also as the Spurs, but provides the opportunity for Anderson Varejao play more.

At present, Spurs and Bulls 72 wins that year, at the end of the season has left the force to meet the playoffs as they lost deep that if the championship, it will have no record of how many wins mean .Warriors opposite direction, not because themselves as too high, but their main very young, are all over 20 years old, playing 30 minutes per game, it is not a problem. and then successfully created a record of great help morale, defending confidence soars.

When asked by reporters, such as Halo Ying Bo will be able to set a record of 73 wins, that will allow players to rest? Kerr live laugh replied: “At that time will naturally know!”

Finally, the goddess of victory will smile unto the side, the potential in the West Bank finals seen.

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