What is the Doodle 4 Google? What is the prize?

Doodle 4 Google

Doodle for Google Doodle Competition” is our logo design competition held, the purpose is to invite children and teenagers to their own unique style to draw the eyes of the Google logo (ie Doodle pattern).

Over the past few months, we invite 4-17 year-old children and young people around the world, with “I love football” as the theme to redesign the Google logo fullest their creativity.

During the call for papers, we received many lovely, creative ingenuity and unique works. Then, we elected this match runoff election works. During this time, although due to the large number of excellent works difficult for us to make a choice, but we also feel very excited and enthusiastic.

We will be 17 countries / regions disclosed vote winning Doodle pattern, showing the country’s Google homepage, last day.

The 17 regional winners then entered the global stage voting, creators of winning entries is the only global competition first prize winner.

Congratulations to the overall winner. The winning piece will be displayed in Google Doodle pattern of global international homepage July 11.

The world’s first prize winner will receive a trip to swim with the family trip to South Africa.

Google Doodle number of sites in the past few years has been completed?

There have been about 300 works in the United States in the international domain occurs more than 700 pieces.

You what kind of selection process work? How do you decide what you want to design festival Design Doodle?

Google international team responsible for internal and external elected from Google works. International Network for a particular domain, we will ask you to provide advice on local festivals. We know that there will be a number of festivals pattern not to be chosen to become the Pearl of regret, but we always choose both creativity and sense Doodle pattern as possible. We want to work are usually not about religion, interesting and unique works, they can come from a wide variety of categories, such as those commemorating the artist and inventor works.

Doodle History

In recent years, doodles on the Google homepage lets users search for information in the world when you feel more fun and more interesting. These works have just come out, no one would have imagined that they would become so popular, and even become when you use Google search engine will notice something. There are many users can not wait to see everyone’s latest works, and even collect these patterns!

Doodle decorative pattern change we’ve added the Google logo to celebrate holidays mostly, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists and scientists. Whether it is to spring, the 50th anniversary of Einstein’s birthday or understanding of DNA, Doodle team will find ways to celebrate these special art form festivals.

Few companies will redesign the company logo from time to time to add some fun, but Google will do this, it has become a part of Google corporate image! While Doodle for Google is primarily a fun way to celebrate festivals or commemorate famous people, but also showed Google’s own creative corporate image.

Doodle initial idea is how come?

In 1999, Google founders Larry and Sergey company logo will change slightly, indicating that the two of them go to the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert, held festivals, and Doodle’s concept was born. They are the second “o” behind Google’s put a man fire, humorous Through this revision mark to Google users that the founders were “out of office.” The first one works Doodle although very simple, but decorating the company logo to celebrate important festivals of ideas, by the enthusiastic response from users.

A year later, Larry and Sergey asked current webmaster Dennis Hwang, in 2000 (intern at the time) for the French Revolution Day (Bastille Day) Writing a Doodle. Larry and Sergey to creative result was very satisfactory, and assigned Huang Mu served as Google’s Chief Doodle creator, but also become regulars Doodle on the Google homepage. After the beginning of, Doodle celebrating only major holidays; now, Doodle has a wide range of activities for the anniversary to make a design, including the Olympics, the Mars probe landing.

After a period of time, everyone’s favorite Doodle degree higher. Creation Doodle is now the heavy responsibility of Google talented design team shouldered up! For them, create Doodle has become a team effort to enliven the Google homepage vitality outside, and bring smiles to a myriad of Google users worldwide.

Google Doodle number of sites in the past few years has been completed?

Doodle team has created over 1000 pieces of Doodle festivals around the world. Who chooses what to creation Doodle, and how to decide which activities you want to design Doodle?

A group of Google employees will meet regularly to decide which events and festivals designed Doodle. Doodle design inspiration from all directions, including Google internal staff and public creativity. Doodle selection process aims to celebrate interesting events and anniversaries, and to reflect Google’s personality and love for innovation. We know that there will be a number of festivals pattern not to be chosen to become the Pearl of regret, but we always choose both creativity and sense Doodle pattern as possible.

Why does not Google for some festive design Doodle?

Google likes to celebrate the holiday season, if you have missed one of the special significance of the holiday, we’re sorry! You might also imagine that difficult for us to decide which events to celebrate on the Google website. Most of the festival too, and we’ll discuss them in the future to celebrate them. We must celebrate them on the calendar turns to balance it, but also to maintain the consistency of the Google homepage. Some we did not celebrate the festival will turn in the next few years, as our holiday Doodle. We’re always pay attention, Doodle may not be suitable for some festivals, especially more serious or sad holiday.

Google users and the general public how Doodle ideas sent to Google?

Doodle team welcome users to provide their ideas; users can be sent to their creative proposals@google.com. Doodle team received a lot of ideas, the more we can not reply, but please be assured that we will review all received ideas, and decide whether to adopt.

I like Google, but also design their own Doodle. I can own mark where to send this?

You can add your own logo sent proposals@google.com.

Where can I see all the Google Doodle works completed over the past few years?

In www.google.com/logos You can find all the Doodle.

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